Hey! I’m Linzi and this is my project, Defy Art Lab.
Set up in 2012 as a reaction against a soul destroying ‘creative’ job, It stemmed from a single hand painted skate deck & grew into a multi-disciplinary project encompassing digital prints, tattoo designs, album artwork, hand drawings, badges, stickers & more.

I sell my work through my etsy shop, punk festival exhibitions & I’ve been lucky enough to work with a bunch of the most awesome people on commissions. The majority of the artwork is inspired by punk music & positivity. 

The ethos of the project as a whole & the ‘Defy’ part of the name was inspired by Rancid’s song ‘ Honor Is All We Know.

’“Don’t change a goddam thing, hold your head up high.
When the hard times come, we have the strength to defy.
Believe in yourself, let the arrow leave the bow.
Honor is among us, honor is all we know.”

I decided it would be cool to donate 10% of the value of each sale & commission to chosen charities. I don't make a great deal of money from this project so it can take a while to reach a good amount but once I do, I send a donation over.

Huge thanks to all my customers & commissioners for enabling me to do this! 

So far I've donated to Social Bite, Macmillan Cancer Support, Diabetes UK, SAMH, Roll Out The Barrel Trust, Calum's Cabin, Simpsons Special Care Babies & The Salvation Army UK.
Thanks for checking out my site!

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